Flood City opened its doors in February of 2013, in downtown Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Owned and operated by A Mr. Dan Shaffer & Mr. David Wilhelm, Flood City became one of Johnstown's favorite breakfast, brunch, and lunch spots fairly quickly. It serves up only the finest of local food in a fun and casual atmosphere. Originally when the vision of the cafe came to be, Dan & David wanted to make sure their space would become an incubator for the community. They even planted themselves into the community and quickly established a vision where anybody could feel like they were a part of something special in Johnstown. 

Present-day, after serving over thousands upon thousands of cups of coffee, making thousands of sandwiches, and baking many different types of baked goods, their core value in creating a space where the community comes first could never be more true. The City leaders and world changers meet daily in their space, creating and planning for the unforetold glorious future of the city.  Whether it's for your daily cup of coffee, a lunch with some colleagues, or just a friendly get-together, Flood City Cafe is there to serve you only the best of the best the city has to offer. They like to tell their Clientele, "Come as our guest, Leave as a member of the family." 

They offer Hand-crafted espressos, delicious baked treats, and freshly roasted coffee. Their drink menu consists of Espressos, Smoothies, and of course, they have soft drinks. The baristas strive to know their customers as if they were a member of their family. Which means eventually they will know your order better than you do. Their kitchen serves up only the finest Panini Sandwiches, Homemade Soups, and Crisp Fresh Garden Salads. They regularly release seasonal menus which feature amazing seasonal specialties that are "Truly unforgettable."